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Global environment cultural exchange society ECOPARTY



It contributes to a low-carbon society through recycling activities as a consumer of one of the  society . And to achieve fusion and natural symbiosis society of nature and technology , we aim to peaceful sustainable  healthy society.


The theme of nature and life , and to promote environmental learning experience we aim to communicate through music and art .
And , we can promote environmental conservation activities with local .


"ECOPARTY" is an environmental event, which was held for the purpose of regional exchange program and  environmental education in an incorporated educational institution Matsumoto school"Shinmatsudo kindergarten" of Matsudo city, Chiba Prefecture . In an opportunity of 50 years diplomatic relation between Japan and Nepal, expanding  the circle of activities by visiting schools of Nepal, attempting exchange through nature and culture of Japan and Nepal.
However, in every visit, plastic wastes as bags,etc scattered in streets and rivers were increased rapidly, reported on TV and newspaper everyday basis as a social problem.
Which is major causes for blockage of rivers, etc.leading to increased mosquito related infectious diseases like malaria, dengue fever etc. Mistakenly, plastic as food birds, fishes ,turtles and whales eat them and even suffers from dead. In addition, seafood, such as fishes that ate the plastic waste eaten by humans,causing health issues.
In order to reduce the plastic waste which has become such a global environmental problem,started Its caravan to various school with truck installed with plastic recycling machine and generator as a "School Oilfield Caravan"a project name,aiming environmental protection and education. Converting plastic waste to fuel which has been collected by students on school from theirs home,  generating electricity to make popcorn to exchange with students as product for collecting and separating of plastic wastes, and aiming environmental education through music and art. Saying,If thrown away, plastic becomes a trouble, but collection and separation makes it useful material.
"School oilfield caravan" proposes a lifestyle for a sustainable recycling-oriented society fusion with nature and technology.
 For future of earth,what can we do now
Hope to think  and act together
For the children of the future of the earth

Global environment cultural exchange society ECOPARTY
Matsumoto Chiseko