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伊地知 輝/Hikaru Ijichi
Lighting Designer
 Started activities from Advertisements and Open festivals.
 2010 first participated in Ecoparty, 2011 Pokhara Street Festival.
 2013 School Oilfield Caravan Dance Competition and Earthvision Light-up Festival.
 2014 School Oilfield Caravan truck driver, get heavy truck driver license, BikaBika Japan All round
 Hobby :Surfing

プラカス ラサイリー/Rasaily Prakash
 Machine Operator
 Nepal's Kathmandu origin. Meaning 'light' of his name Prakash in Nepali.
 2011 First participated in School Oilfield Caravan Nepal.
 2012 Came Japan with aiming engineer of Plastic fuel recycling machine. volunteering School Oilfield Caravan in holidays.
 JLPT N2 level.
 Hobby :Self haircut, Muscle Manner

平野 草馬/Soma Hirano
Pervious room gamer
 2014 first participated Earthday Tokyo School Oilfield caravan
 2014 School Oilfield Caravan BikaBika Japan on this 4th year's summer Vacation
 Life first experience with surfing, camping car and tent life.
 2015 Ecoparty's Web related work
Hobby:  Game of go ,Japanese chess

クマル グルン/Kumar Gurung
Special Driver
 Nepal's Pokhara origin.
 Perviously worked in  American Basecamp in Iraq. Daily transporter of material with no fear.
 2011 first participated in School Oilfield Caravan as a truck driver
 2012 Visited Japan for Training on School Oilfield Caravan
 Recenlty, Screening in Nepal Action Movie as a anti-role.
 Hobby: Gym

アミタ ラジュバンダリー/Amita rajbhandari


Nepal's Pokhara Origin

2010 first participated School Oilfield Caravan, environmental learning experience programs.

2012 School Oilfield Caravan Dance Competition and Earth vision light-up MC.

2015 earthquake victims, living with her sister, Despite the inconvenient disaster life, always cheerfully talk like machine gun bursts. Nick name Kanchhi.

Hobby: Traveling

上井 正則/Masanori Uwai
Ecoparty Director
 Protecting Whales of Oceans through Himalayas, Oceans to Himalayas and Himalayas to Oceans
 Dreams are bigger as Earth
 Hobby: Fantasy vision, Collecting bottle gourd, Canadian canoe