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● Global Environmental Problem.

As our concern, emission of CO2 gases creating global warming, which causes rapid melting of glacier, Himalayas and globally, creating problem like flood, raising of sea level etc.

Littering non-biodegradable wastes such as plastics and vinyl, flows to the rivers, effecting ecosystem of birds and fishes. As per researches, amount of plastic waste flowed to ocean through rivers is equal as the territory of Australian continent.     

● About School Oilfield Caravan.

Conveying  plastic wastes can resources  if collection and separation is done of it,which is one of the global environmental problem,collecting of plastic wastes come from houses,littered on rivers and ponds at schools with cooperation of students.

And then, SCHOOL OILFIELD CARAVAN will go to schools, converts plastic into oil,demonstrate plastic recycling machine for global environment, teaches importance of wastes separation and recycle through environmental experience learning.

Pokhara city, Plastic wastes around Fewa lake.
Pokhara city, Plastic wastes around Fewa lake.

Plastic waste that are collected on various school, collected periodically as resources, recycled in plastic oil installed on heavy truck. And, again distillate upon petrol,kerosene,diesel and heavy diesel. 

●スクール油田キャラバン イメージ図